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Does a smaller ceremony cost less?

Wed, 6 Jan 2016

Does a smaller ceremony cost less?

I often receive inquiries from couples, requesting a short simple ceremony with only a handful of guests.  I have previously commented on this but the question continues to be asked, so I will address the issue of costs again.

There is a perception that the smaller or simpler the wedding, the cheaper the cost will be.  In fact, whether there are 5 people present, 50 guests or 150 in attendance, the amount of work and preparation for the ceremony is exactly the same. Therefore the cost is not dependent upon the size of the wedding.

The biggest factor to impact the cost of the wedding is the location.  If you engage a marriage celebrant from Brisbane to travel to either the Gold or Sunshine Coast, then it will cost you more than using a celebrant who lives in that area, close to where the ceremony is to be held.  Celebrants cannot absorb the cost of two hours travelling time, each way, to attend your big event at Noosa.  There is an associated cost with that.

If your ceremony is being held in Brisbane CBD, there may well be parking fees that your celebrant will have to pay or ferry costs for weddings held on Coochiemudlo Island etc.

So just remember that the cost of your wedding depends upon how far your celebrant has to travel which will include travelling time, fuel and any other associated costs.  It's not the number of guests that is important to how much you will pay; but rather the number of kilometres that must be travelled by your authorised celebrant and the time taken to get there!


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