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Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

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Renewal of Vows Ceremony

Some couples chose to renew their marriage vows following particularly difficult times or on an anniversary. They wish to proclaim their continuing love for each other and their commitment to the vows they had previously taken. A renewal of vows ceremony is a public declaration that you are committed to your marriage and a testimony that the trials and challenges of past years have not weakened but strengthened the bond of love between you. 

All those present must clearly understand that the couple is already married and that this is simply a renewal. This does not mean that it can't have all the pomp and ceremony of the real thing. It is just that there are no official documents to be registered.

Each couple signs a Re-Affirmation of Marriage Vows certificate, along with two witnesses nominated by them.

I suggest that you place a photo from your wedding day on the signing table. Some of the guests at your renewal of vows ceremony may not have been at your wedding.  You can include the wording and vows from your original ceremony and even exchange the same wedding rings.  However most of the wives prefer to be presented with a new set of rings.  The addition of children and events during your marriage can be highlighted during your renewal of vows ceremony. Children love nothing more than to watch their parents exchange vows and rings and reconfirm their commitment to their marriage. It is a very special and wonderful experience for all.

The preparation of the ceremony is similar to preparing a wedding ceremony and I will assist you with this and provide suggestions to make this a truly memorable occasion.  Many of the poems and readings in my wedding booklet are appropriate for a renewal of vows ceremony as well.

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Couples sometimes get married in secret and therefore don't want their relatives and friends to know that they are already married. They want to have a wedding in Australia and purport it to be the real thing. By law, this cannot be allowed.

Re-affirmation of Vows

Sometimes couples get married overseas for various reasons. The high cost of travel often means that family and friends are unable to share in the event. Couples then chose to have a second ceremony when they return home. You cannot get married twice to the same person unless you have been legally divorced first. The alternative is to have a renewal of vows ceremony which is very similar to an official wedding ceremony in that the couple exchanges vows and rings.

However during the ceremony it must be made clear that this is a re-affirmation of vows ceremony and therefore reference is made to the date and place of the original marriage. There should be no misunderstanding or misrepresentation that this is a real marriage.

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