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Lost Loves and Marriage

Sat, 25 May 2013

Lost Loves and Marriage

As an authorised Marriage Celebrant in Brisbane, I meet many couples whose relationships have travelled different journeys.  But lately I have met and married several couples who were 'an item' as teenagers in school. For one reason or another, as school ended so did their relationships. But what has been evident is that the love and the connection to that first love has remained strong.

Brides and grooms have both told me that there always seemed to be something missing from current relationships. They genuinely believed that they loved the people they married. But for some inexplicable reason, they did not feel complete.

In all instances, my brides and grooms met up again by chance twenty and sometimes thirty years later. And they felt that instant connection, that instant attraction to their first love.  All have described finding a happiness and joy they never believed existed when their relationships have reignited. Their personal journeys have really touched my heart and most have written a small paragraph about it in their wedding ceremonies.

Much has been written about young love and the notion that it is not a strong and everlasting bond. I have witnessed the miracle of that bond over and over again and the commitment and the dedication that these couples bring to their marriages is a joy to behold. They have realised that what they have been lucky enough to find again is a true blessing and they are committed to ensuring it is never lost a second time.

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