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Meeting with your celebrant

Sun, 5 Jun 2016

Meeting with your celebrant

Most celebrants conduct their business from home offices, so if you are going to meet with your celebrant, whether for your first chat or whether it is to fill in the paperwork, you will need to travel to them.  It is not usual for celebrants to meet with you in your home, just as you would not expect a member of the clergy to visit your home to finalise documents.

Some celebrants will visit your home if extraordinary circumstances exist such as you do not have transport or you have small children. But this is a decision for each individual celebrant.  If you would like your celebrant to conduct visits in your home, then you need to ask. 

Some couples think that if they are having a wedding in their home or a garden, that the celebrant should view the area where the ceremony is taking place to familiarise themselves with the area.  Celebrants are professionals who can adapt easily.  Your celebrant should arrive in plenty of time before the ceremony to survey the scene and offer any advice, if necessary.

So when choosing a celebrant, you need to think of where they live and consider any distances you will need to travel for appointments.

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