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The Wedding Painter

Fri, 21 Jul 2017

The Wedding Painter

Have you ever considered having a painter attend your wedding and reception?   Your wedding is where you bring together your family and friends to celebrate, honour and enjoy your wedding. For a few precious hours, you will have all of your favourite people together - and you want to remember this occasion forever.

As a 'live' event painter, Tony will try to capture the life, colour, joy and spirit of this important family gathering.  An artist incorporates the most important things you want in your painting composed and presented in a way that is unique and valuable to you.

By hiring a 'live' wedding painter to paint at your special occasion, you and your guests will be able to watch as your magical evening is transcribed onto canvas before your eyes.  You'll also have the finished piece in your hands within days.  You will then be able to keep and display your unique and cherished piece of art to commemorate your important day.

Enjoy seeing yourselves and your guests become a memorable part of an original piece of art.  Contact Tony on 0401 090 060 during office hours or email him at tony@theweddingpainter.com.au or visit his website http://theweddingpainter.com.au/


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