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How much does a Marriage Celebrant cost?

How much does a Marriage Celebrant cost?

As a Marriage Celebrant in Brisbane, Logan, Redlands and Ipswich, I can honestly say you only have to ring around various celebrants, to see that there is a huge difference in cost between them. Some couples don’t have a choice; they are driven by cost alone. Others value quality of service and want a professional to guide their special day.

You will read many websites that ridicule Marriage Celebrants who charge less than they do.  I loathe the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ as there is absolutely no guarantee whatsoever that just because you pay the premium price, that you are going to get the Rolls Royce of Marriage Celebrants.

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Choosing a Marriage Celebrant

Not every Marriage Celebrant suits every couple; just as couples and relationships are unique, so too are celebrants. That is why it is important to meet with several celebrants to see how they make you feel – do they inspire you with confidence that they can deliver your special day and meet all your expectations; do they make you feel comfortable and relaxed; do they approach their duties in a professional manner; will they be friendly, warm and respectful to your guests and so on.

Celebrant fees are not regulated, and so a celebrant can charge what they think their time and services are worth. There are many celebrants who enjoy what they do and consider it a privilege to be part of such a special day in the lives of two people. They are happy to charge a fee which covers their costs for the joy and satisfaction that being a celebrant brings them. They are not motivated by money and see it as more of a service than a business. They want couples to be able to have a choice of an experienced celebrant who is interested in them and their day because of who they are and the special time they will be sharing together and not just because it is more dollars in their bank account.

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Prices vs. Quality of Service

So when you see civil celebrants who boast that they are better than another simply because of the price that they charge, take stock and see if what they offer justifies their extra charges. Look at their websites and see how they present their business; take the time to view wedding galleries to see that they are dressed appropriately for the type of wedding they are conducting. Most importantly, ring around, talk to celebrants and meet with celebrants so that you understand the costs associated with each. Then you can make the right choice for you, based on how they make you feel, not on how much they charge. More expensive does not always equate to better quality.

You need to have faith and trust that your celebrant will deliver the ceremony that you want in the manner that you require regardless of cost.  Just as you would compare the prices and services of a wide range of wedding providers including photographers, florists and venues, so compare and chose carefully your celebrant, as your celebrant is the one who is coordinating your ceremony and dealing directly with you, your bridal party and guests. Choose someone who truly cares and prices themselves accordingly.

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