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The Love Letters and Wine Box Ceremony

Sun, 30 Jun 2013

The Love Letters and Wine Box Ceremony

As a local Brisbane marriage celebrant, I hear that couples are always looking for a symbol or gesture to make their wedding personal and unique. One such symbol is the love letters and wine box ceremony. A few weeks before the wedding, take some time to write a love letter to one another, expressing your thoughts about the good qualities that you have found in each other; the reasons for falling in love  and your hopes and dreams for the future.  Place your letter in a sealed envelope, with the name of your partner on the outside. Do not read what the other has written.

Prepare a box. You can be creative with the box by putting foam inside to support the wine bottle or line the inside with satin material or samples of wedding fabric. You might want to also include CDs of your favourite music, favourite pictures of the two of you together, and other mementos making it your own romantic time capsule. Keep the box in a place of honour as a constant visual reminder of your love and commitment to each other. The box can be a life preserver in years to come.

The Wine Box should be opened on your 5th wedding anniversary. The contents can be updated at this time if you want, and the original bottle of wine replenished.

There is however only one other reason the box should be opened before your 5th wedding anniversary and that should be if ever you hit a bumpy road in your relationship. Before you give up or make any irrational decisions, open the Wine Box. Sit down together, open the box, uncork the wine and unseal the envelopes that you wrote for one another before your wedding; go to separate rooms and quietly read the love letters you had written for each other.

Even if you are not seeing eye-to-eye at that very moment, the hope is that it will remind you of all the reasons you choose each other as your partner and all the things that helped shape the life you've created together. The romantic sentiments you wrote, the declaration of love, the clear thoughts about why you chose each other as your life partner will hopefully help put you back on even ground. This is the perfect ritual to remind you of your wedding day and your intention to love and cherish each other in good times and bad for as long as you both shall live.

Hopefully this simple gesture will enable you to overcome your differences and will remind you to never take for granted the blessing of being together.

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