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Have you considered a Marriage Blessing?

Wed, 24 Apr 2013

Have you considered a Marriage Blessing?

When we hear the word blessing, we immediately think that it has some religious connotation. But this is not the case. A marriage blessing is a personalised blessing simply wishing the bride and groom well, on behalf of all present, for their future life together. 

As an experienced Brisbane Celebrant, I ask my couples to write down the three most important words or phrases about marriage to them. The blessing is then written and designed with those special things in mind. Those special words might be faithfulness, friendship, family life, companionship and so on. 

As an example I provide the following – a couple has chosen the words “sincerity, family life and companionship” as three things important to their marriage. The blessing could be “May your future life together be filled with sincere affection for one another and provide you with companionship for the rest of your lives. May the family life that you create provide a loving and stable environment for all those within.”

Alternatively a couple may have stated that the key for their blessing should revolve around the words “deep affection for one another; enriching and strengthening each other; and the spirit of love”.  Their wedding blessing could be “May your deep affection for one another continue with every passing day of your marriage and may the spirit of your love enrich and strengthen you both, from this day forward.”

A blessing can be a lovely way to finish a wedding ceremony and is basically a wish from all present for all your dreams to be realised.

I have plenty of information about Brisbane wedding ceremonies. Do not hesitate to contact me with an inquiry about your wedding day.

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